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Are you Planning To Be A Cabin Crew? Here are the tips that you need to know.

Being a part of the cabin crew for any major airline is not only an exciting prospect but also a challenging one. The opportunity of jetting off to exotic destinations is accompanied with a reasonably high degree of responsibility. It requires specialization to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers and demands strict adherence to the industry regulations. Keeping in mind the high demands of the aviation industry, Flywayy ensures that the learners gain an enriching learning experience along with industry exposure through its comprehensive and practical courses.

Our Courses provide a head start in the profession, introducing to them the skills and responsibilities that the world's leading Airline.

Some people think that being cabin crew is easy. But this job requires lot of skills and training to clear the interviews.

Working as a flight attendant for a major airline provides plenty of contact with people as well as opportunities to travel. The air cabin crew of a commercial airline share responsibility for the safety and comfort of its passengers.

Duties include:

  1. Greeting passengers as they board and exit the plane

  2. Showing passengers to their seats and providing special attention to certain passengers, such as the elderly or disabled

  3. Serving meals and refreshments

  4. Checking the condition and provision of emergency equipment and information for passengers

  5. Demonstrating emergency equipment and safety procedures

  6. Administering first aid

  7. Dealing with emergencies

  8. Supplying passengers with newspapers, magazines and in-flight entertainment

  9. Selling duty-free commercial goods and pursuing sales targets

  10. Producing written flight reports after completing a journey.

The role can be physically and emotionally demanding and there is a high degree of responsibility involved. Cabin crew are expected to deal with all passengers diplomatically – even when feeling the effects of travelling through time zones and spending extended periods of time on their feet.

Skill That is Expected:-

  • excellent communication skills

  • exceptional customer service

  • confidence in dealing with a range of people

  • good co-operation skills as you'll work with different teams day-to-day

  • compassion and the ability to support your colleagues

  • discretion when dealing with VIPs or royalty

  • competence in handling difficult situations and the ability to remain calm under pressure and in emergency situations

  • the gift of being tactful and diplomatic but also assertive where necessary

  • commercial awareness and sales skills

  • flexibility in working unsocial hours on any day of the year

  • the capability to work quickly and efficiently, often to tight time constraints

  • numeracy skills for handling cash, including foreign currency

  • the capacity to work in a confined space

  • the ability to diffuse situations calmly and quickly.

Career Prospects:-

Promotion for air cabin crew is based on experience and performance. From the role of cabin crew member, it's possible to progress to the position of purser or chief purser - which is the title given to the chief flight attendant.

Why Choose Flywayy?

At Flywayy, we provide professional training and certification, which will helps you clear the interview of your dream job. Flywayy gives hands on experience to the students of everything to do with in-flight operations and airport ground handling procedures like check-in and tagging , loading and unloading and cleaning of the aircraft.

Our Courses are:-




For more details call 8638236877 or email:

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