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What studies have to be done in order to become an air hostess?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Air hostess is one of the high profile professions in the world desired by many young graduates.Air hostess profession is alike a dream come true for young graduates. In this profession they not only get good pay career travel lovers  but they talk with different people from around the world, they get to see  different places,they get chance to talk with celebrities also meet celebrities, business tycoons and also learn a lot air hostess, are also known as stewardesses/stewards,cabin crew, cabin attendants or flight attendants in the the world. Heinrick Kubis, a German, was the world’s first flight attendant in the year 1912, while Ellen Church was the world’s first female flight attendant in the 1930. Since, then profession on air hostesses has come a long way. The charm of being able to travel to different places, meet rich of people, travel with business magnate or super stars is attractive to anyone who knows about this career choice. In the airline career , air hostesses is considered to be a prime profession.

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