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How to become an Air Hostess ?

Most of us have been carried away by the glamour of the Air Hostesses. Flight attendants are a part of the aviation industry, and you often meet them on your flight. From greeting to smiling, they always make sure that our journey is smooth and comfortable.

Now many of us have even wished, if they can become an Air Hostess themselves. You get to travel around the world, enjoying all the premium services, meet new people and withdrawn a handsome salary with incentives. Isn’t this amazing?

Here at Flywayy we will teach you the route to become a successful Air Hostess and pursue your dream career.

Eligibility Criteria:

Here is a quick look at the eligibility criteria. You need to have a 12th Grade Certificate.

There are certification/diploma courses available at Flywayy and it is suggestible to take one, before applying for the job of an Air Hostess.

The selection Process:

If you are planning to be an Air Hostess, the next step is to wait for the eligibility criteria. Most of the companies publish their vacancies online. Follow their instructions and apply for the job, meeting their criteria.

Although the selection process is different from company to company, however, most of the companies follow the standard process.

The first stage is the screening round, where most of the candidates, who doesn’t meet the criteria are eliminated. The second stage is written test. Followed by group discussions and final round will be one-n-one personal interview. The entire selection process is designed to test the aptitude, personality, G.K. and communication skills.


In most international airlines, the selected candidate will then have to attend a 5-6 week long flight attendant training course. On successful completion of the course, the candidate will receive a certificate which will also be considered as a license in few countries.

The flying experience

After successfully completing the course, you’re all set to fly. But most times, your company won’t let you travel in international flights before gaining relevant experience working as flight attendants in domestic flights.

Career prospects

Being a flight attendant is something many people dream of. You get to travel the world for free, enjoy premium services and also make a lot of money. Flight attendants usually earn around 8 lakhs per annum at the start of their career. If you get into international flights, the amount will go higher.

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