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Significance of Airports

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

When we talk about Aviation sector, one of its key areas of operation is “Airport management”. All the airports are concerned about ensuring that their status gets enhanced that’s why they run the airport operation in a clinical and systematic manner. They give utmost importance to this aspect. From a passengers point of view their flying experience starts the moment they step inside the premises of an Airport, as they say first impression is the last impression. When a passenger finds that things are being handled in a professional manner in an airport, then the passenger feels more attracted towards repeatedly availing Air Services. So in this context surely Airport operation and management is extremely important, no denying from this fact. There are many airports which even have buildings to hold planes and passengers. A college park airport, in the city of College Park, Maryland, U.S., is considered to be the world’s oldest airport. It was established in the year 1909. Some key components associated with an airport are Runway, Taxiway, Control Tower, Terminal Building, Bay etc. India’s first airport was set up in 1928. The biggest airport in the World is “Beijing Daxing international Airport” situated in China. In India the biggest airport is “Indira Gandhi International Airport” & the smallest airport in India is “Airport of Trichy”. Aviation is an Industry which is growing at a fast rate. The industry is very keen to extend its services to more and more passengers. Keeping in mind this fact, the Government of India is establishing airport in lot of new centres including some smaller cities so that better connectivity can be offered to the people. With better infrastructure and facilities, it will be easier to generate more businesses for Aviation Industry and airport being an integral part of this business will always receive top most attention. In times ahead, we will witness lot of new airports with superior facilities in India.

Siddharth Syam

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